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Planet of Silence
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Info Page
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Japanese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
English Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Birthdate: January 6
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite Food: Japanese noodle
Favorite Subject: History
Least Fave Subject: Gym
Hobbies: Collecting lamps
Powers: Healing
Aliases: Sailor Saturn and Mistress Nine

Attacks as Sailor Saturn:
Death Reborn Revolution
Silence Glaive Surprise
Silence Wall

Hotaru is first introduced in the S series of Sailor Moon. She meets Rini when Rini almost lost her hat. That's when Hotaru is shown to be very weak. In that same episode, Rini finds out that Hotaru has to power to heal people. Hotaru tells Rini that her classmates think she's a witch for having that ability, but Rini thinks it's cool. After a few episodes, it is brought out that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn. She also becomes Mistress Nine as the series goes on. Hotaru only appears after that in the Stars series. The animators never had to draw a transformation scene for Hotaru, except in a game.