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Toonami Fans: Prepare for Adult Swim

Cartoon Network has started a new block called 'Adult Swim'. While showing viewers that cartoons are not only for children, some are definetly not for them. Some shows that will be on the rated TVPG and above block will be Cowboy Bebop (TV-14), Space Ghost Coast to Coast (TVPG-Language), Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman (TV-14), The Brak Show (TVPG), and Home Movies. The block will appear on Cartoon Network every Sunday and Thursday from 10 PM to 1 AM.

Toonami on Kid's WB

The WB will soon have Toonami coming to the Kid's WB time slot on weekdays. However, even though they are advertising that Toonami will be joining the Kids' WB, only Dragon Ball Z will be added (as far as I know). However, with this, I hope that this will bring more people to become interested in anime.

More Gundam Series on Toonami!

The first Gundam Series and The 08th Mobile Suit Team will be joining the Toonami lineup. MS Gundam will take the 5:00 PM slot while The 08th MS Team will be taking the 12:00 AM slot.

Toonami's cutting back one hour!!!

Starting next week, after the Gundam Wing finishes its final run(NO!!!) Toonami will be 2 hours instead of the 3 hours we love so much. Sailor Moon has been taken off already, and soon Big O and Gundam Wing will be off. Dragon Ball Z will have 2 episodes on a day. Tenchi Muyo and Superman will also be staying. The Toonami block will start at 5 PM instead of 4 PM. That is all for now...

Big O Coming to Toonami!

Big O will begin April 2 on Cartoon Network at 5:30 and 12:30, taking the place of Outlaw Star (NOO!!!).
Also, at, there will be some program that you can only check out online. It's called 'Reactor'. You'll be able to see the 40 episodes of the DBZ Frieza saga and 26 episodes of Star Blazers. It will start March 26. Check out for more info.

Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z in Pokemon?

If you saw Pokemon last Saturday (3/3/01), you might have noticed that there were hints of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. "How?" you ask. Well, the robot named "Meowthinator Impersonator" that Team Rocket built had a costume very similar to Sailor V (with the glasses too). What about DBZ? Well, you know the stances that the Ginyu Force did? James kept doing that before he would make the robot attack. I wish I could get screen shots to show you. I found it hilarious ^_~

Akira Returns! (yup, that means to theaters too!)

After it's first release in 1988, Akira has made attracted groups of fans for itself. Pioneer, the company that released the Sailor Moon movies, and Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon on DVD, has spent millions of dollars restoring the picture and sound. Akira will make it's debut in NYC, Times Square on March 30, 2001. As of now, I don't know when and where Akira will be shown. You can check out Akira 2001 or Pioneer's Animation website for more info.

New Anime Coming to Toonami!

Cartoon Network has announced a number of new series to be added to the Toonami line up! In time, BigO, Gundam 0079, Gundam 8's series, Pilot Candidate, and Dragon Ball will be included in Toonami. Plus, there will be 96 new Dragon Ball Z episodes, which covers the Tenkaichi Budokai, King Kai, and Majin Buu sagas. For information on BigO, check out SciFi.ign. On this page, you'll need to scroll down just a 'lil ^_^